I came about being a stay-at-home dad unexpectedly, as I’m sure a lot of us do, just like I came about living in Europe unexpectedly. But it is a good fit, and after a few years, I feel more at home, being at home, than I did in an office.

My wife and I moved up to Glasgow in Scotland 7 years ago, after 10 years in London, to start-up an education technology company. After growing increasingly frustrated with my decreasing influence from the middle-management tier of an eternal startup run by a maddening oligarch and a quick view of our finances on an Excel spreadsheet (I love an Excel Spreadsheet!), we realized we were paying a lot of money to someone else to raise our children for very little financial gain, and very little time with them. With a bit of economizing, we could make that up, and we could make up some of that time as a family.

I feel I have a good skill-set for this job. I love to cook. I used to be a chef in London and previously in New York and have waited enough tables to handle a four-top. I like things tidy and I don’t mind repetitive mundane tasks that take my mind off the noise. I’m pretty creative. I love a good art project. I used to be a jazz saxophone player and still play some piano, so I don’t mind a bit of song and dance, or play-acting and dressing up.

My youngest of two girls has just recently started school, so here I am, 2 years in, with my late-morning cup of tea, a lucky stay-at-home dad with some time to reflect and share with you anything I may know and work out all the things I still don’t.